Command NameDescription
badgeSends badge generated from two arguments
catSends a random picture of cat
diceRolls a 6-sided dice
emojifyReplaces alphanumerical characters with their emoji equivalents
flipFlips a coin
helpDisplays all commands or help page for specified command
imageReturns a random image from with an optional tag
infoDisplays info about Nanobot
inviteSends invite link for Nanobot
mathSolves passed math equation
permissionsView the permissions that this I have in this guild
piglatinTranslates passed text to pig latin
pingSends a response with response time
revReverses passed string
rpsPlay Rock, Paper, Scissors with
sayRepeats passed text
testbotTests if bot works
unfair-rpsPlay Rock, Paper, Scissors with
urlscanScans passed URL and sends it's score